HULK is a powerful rock stone logo build animation suitable for any kind strong related intro. The customisation of the logo is explained in a separate tutorial, and the element compositing in another one.

Element 3D V.2.2 and Trapcode Particular are required.

Sound can be found here

For the sound FX contact me after purchasing the file




  1. darkmatter78

    Hey there, awesome looking project, man. I would like to use it in conjunction with Sky Lab, which I already purchased, and am working with right now. Just to make sure I am assuming that I can use any other e3d object with its own textures, rather than a rock logo? That is all for me. If it is the case, I’m all over this one. Flashato 4 life, mane….

  2. BrkArtDesign

    Very nice project, good sale wish

  3. shumatar

    Very cool!!! I know why I can’t make such a video.
    When I was little boy, my mom bought me a violin
    ...and I can do music!!!
    I wish you great sales, and I will be glad to cooperate!

  4. barbara751

    Hi, I’ve bought this project from my other account hansbr54, can you send me the sound fx? I’ve already sent you an email through the videohive contact section.

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