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Made popular with Apple’s “Don’t Blink” commercial, fast type promos are a surefire way to express your message in a quick, powerful and energetic way. Sync is a collection of four typography promos that help you do just that. Text and images pop up in sync with the beat of the track, resulting in a promo that keeps the viewer’s attention throughout the entire duration. These dynamic promos are good to go for any type of business, whether it’s corporate, fashion, music, event, or product based.

Extra tags: percussion, drums, war drums

Congratulations! You scrolled all the way down. If you’re reading this, send me a message through my profile page and I’ll send you a free, unreleased lower third collection. Why am I doing this? Just to check if people are really reading item descriptions.


  1. _miko_

    Clean and neat! This is it Great as always kainxtheory Best for You!

  2. danielaronson

    This is awesome. Any chance it actually includes that animated box you use to promo your products?

  3. vlogtunes

    very precise and minimal. love it!

  4. Romashka88

    Can the images be replaced with video?

  5. therealist

    OMG i don’t saw, when you upload! Masterpiece as always!

  6. digitallogic

    How do I deal with two words which are different in length for the ones with rectangles around them, leaves a large empty space as the rectangle is even from centre.

  7. elevation01

    Hi! I recently purchased Sync and I´m having trouble replacing the images. What do you mean with “press Alt + ]” What kind of keyboard combination is that? I can not adapt it on my Mac. Thank you so much and best regards!

  8. Bogz

    awesome design once more man!! good luck

  9. Markmauiblue

    Can the pictures be in color?

  10. kawasakidaisuke

    Sorry, I have just sent you a mail, the same question here, can I work in Full HD size? Because my pictures are all in HD size and don’t want to enlarge them any more.

  11. EricProchnow

    very nice work, big sales to you

  12. boneschapel439

    Does it sync with the audio that is on the preview or can you add your own audio and it syncs with that audio?

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