Social Media Video Captions

Social Media Video Captions

Subtitles Editor for After Effects

Create, adjust, sync subtitles quick and easy:
  • Visually sync with markers
  • Live update adjustment
  • Clean styles (simple text, with drop shadow, with background)

Music and images not included. Soundtrack by ARGsound

Please regard that the script doesn’t work on CS5.5 or below.

Thank you!


  1. Junaish

    I Copied The Contents Of The Zip File As Mentioned in the Script UI Panel.. Namely SC_Src Folder And The Script File Itslf. But When I Open It In After Effects, After restarting of course… I Get The Error : After Effects Warning : Failed To Create Script Panel.. What should I Do now? I am using After Effects CS6

  2. ViciMedia

    Hi, I purchased your script and installed it just fine. I am trying to add markers on the dummy layer while RAM previewing, but it just adds a single marker where I first start the RAM preview with an 8 on it. It won’t create any other markers when I press the asterisk button. Please help.

  3. SPCompany

    Hello there, I have just purchased your software… I have troubles using it and figuring out how to make it work… Can you help? Thanks !

  4. karabulutemre

    Hi, great script but it does not support special chars like “ö,ç,ı,ş,ü,ğ”.
    Any idea to fix that issue?

  5. harolddurnez

    I’d like one subtitle line (marker) to go to the next without there being an empty frame in between..
    i.e. it must go from the one subtitle sentence into the next without a gap.
    - Is this possible?

  6. tor_martin_a

    I have the same problem as others, when clicking the pluss-button a new text layer are being added with evenly distributed markers. In other words, my dummy-text layer with my markers are not being used.

  7. Ceku

    Hi, I couldn’t see any documentation on downloaded file, how can I install and activate the script?

  8. adrianking

    Great script! Can this export SRT files? If not, that would be aweseome! Thanks!

  9. KirstenS12

    Very nice! Is there also a way to adjust the maximum width of the subtitles?

  10. mirr

    Hi, great job with the plugin! Saves a lot of time! One question; is it possible to change the text? I have a typo in the script but does that mean I have to redo everything? Thanks!

  11. mhains

    Hi there, I’ve got the latest Adobe AE CC 2015.2 for Mac and I’ve put the script folder into ScriptsUI Panels as well as just Scripts and neither show up in the Window pull down menu. Help!

  12. mo4graphics

    Doesn’t work on CC2015.2. When i started prewiew markers had been added on timeline with * , but when i press refresh button and plus button it creates new subtitles layer, but the intervals start from the begining of timeline, not from the 1st maerker i added, and they are all the same, the interval between markers is 1 second for all subtitles.

  13. alexfratley

    Hi there i love the look of this can i export to SRT for hosts like youtube, (either with application or other scripts.)

  14. alex2084

    Hi there, iv unzipped and placed in
    ” (Mac) Applications\Adobe\Adobe After Effects\Support Files\Scripts\ScriptUI Panels”
    However i can’t find it any within after effects, am i missing something?

  15. mimiland

    Hello, I ve problem with Subtitles Creator. When i started After effects (CC 2015 version) message below appear: ....unable to execute script at line8. Files or folder does not exist, and I couldn t open window….Please, how can I solve this problem. Thx!

  16. senorberns

    The space bar isn’t origin to separate the subtitles

  17. SPCompany

    Hi There, I’ve just purchased your “Social Media Video Captions”, but AE CC does not recognize the extension file… therefore I cannot use it yet… any tip? thanks !

  18. qaisicle

    Hi there. I’ve followed your steps but when I click create subtitles, the new markers are completely different from the ones I set. They’re all equally spaced. Any idea how to fix this? Thanks

  19. pananda

    Hi, I used this once and it worked fine, but now I’m trying to use it and it fails to use the markers in the dummy layer. It just sticks all the subtitles in sequence one after the other, about 23 frames apart each. How do I get it to use the markers I have set in the dummy layer?

  20. zebualvi

    Hi, I am trying to add Chinese language subtitles to my videos but they do not show up properly on the timeline and display ”?” instead. I sent you a PM as well, sorry about double posting but I am not sure it got through. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  21. Ceku

    Wow copied the script in folder and it seems done.
    But it is so hard to follow the text and the subtitles in 13 minute video.
    There is no indicators for which sentence is done or where am I on subtitle section, need to memorize all the stuff on my mind.
    In an addition I can’t see my sentences applied on Chinese or Arabic language support on script right? Is there anything that I am missing for now?

  22. Altermaik

    Hello, whenever I hit + to add subtitles nothing happens and if I hit it twice it adds lines to the textbox, help please.

  23. tudorhristescu

    Perfect tool to get the things done easy and fast. I find it useful I can make fine adjustments using markers on subtitles’ time after creating them.
    Great job!

  24. NikeMike360

    Great and very useful tool I guess. But how do you install it?

  25. rtvkeith

    I added a feature to the script: I wanted a fill color for the background. On line 330 I added this line: shapeLayer.Effects.addProperty(“Fill”).setValueAtTime(0,[0xff,0xe0,0×0,1]); Now all backgrounds are updated. With a keyframe those can be changed over time.

  26. A_White

    Great idea and implementation! Happy sales.

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