Ultimate Transition Mattes Pack
Ultimate Transition Mattes Pack Ultimate Transition Mattes Pack
Ultimate Transition Mattes Pack Ultimate Transition Mattes Pack
Ultimate Transition Mattes Pack Ultimate Transition Mattes Pack

Yes! It’s true! This huge pack includes 3000 Transition Mattes and an After Effects template slideshow (as bonus) similar to the preview video. Check the slideshow on Vimeo and Youtube.

Check all the Transition Mattes before your purchase.

Categories: 3D, Abstract, Arrows, Brushes, Brushes flat, Cartoon, Circle, Circles, Circles with Lines, Circles with Dots, Circles with Glitch, Circles with Stars, Clock, Clock with Lines, Clock with Dots, Clock with Glitch, Clock with Stars, Flashes, Geometric, Glitches, Glitches Colored, Light Leaks, Lines, Lines Combinations, Lines with Dots, Lines with Glitch, Lines with Stars, Polygons with Dots, Polygons with Glitch, Polygons with Stas, Motion Blur, Multi-Shapes, Numbers (100), One Rhombus, Planks, Planks Angle, Polygon, Polygons with Lines, Rhombus, Rhombus with Lines, Rhombus with Dots, Rhombus with Glitch, Rhombus with Stars, Simple Lines, Simple with Dots, Simple with Glitch, Simple with Stars, Spiral, Spiral with Dots, Spiral with Glitch, Spiral with Stars, Squares, Triangle, Triangles with Lines, Triangles with Dots, Triangles with Glitch, Triangles with Stars, Wipes.

Compatible with any software!!!
Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere, Avid, Final Cut, Sony Vegas, Movie Maker, etc.

Ultimate Transition Mattes Pack

Check here free video tutorials for this pack:

4K Resolution
3000 Transition Mattes
Preview HTML Included

About the After Effects Template – Bonus Slideshow
After Effects CS6+
115 Textholders
76 Placeholders
Works with photos and videos (any media type)
Colors are changeable.
Control Panel
4K Resolution (24, 25, 30 fps)

Music: Download it (here)

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  1. LauroSousa

    Hi, this presentation of your comes with the pack ??? I want to change it and make my product presentation using it

  2. CreationsWork

    hey CandyMustache!
    Very nice project really good stuff. Can you give me the footages links?.
    Thanks in advance.

  3. Amiora

    Is it work in Premiere Pro?

  4. daa10496

    I am interested in the Ultimate Transition Mattes Pack for my YouTube channel. I do make money off the channel. What license do I need? I would like to use the transitions several times in some videos and I would like to use the pack on many videos. Once I purchase the correct license how long is it good for? Thanks!

  5. Amiora

    How to use them in Premiere Pro?

  6. PavelOs

    Your website,with all transitions doesn’t work. Where i can look at them?

  7. proch

    Awesome work! Can I use this package in Apple motion 5?

  8. fmunoz0869

    I just purchased your package and having difficulties locating the transitions on this promotional video. What transition was used in second 12 of this timeline?

  9. VivaMediaInc

    Love this! Is that spiffy little intro animation included as well?

  10. LauroSousa

    and that videos that appear in the background ??

  11. brendanpreston

    Is there a way to change the colour of the matte? For example, if I want the “planks” to be blue & transparent instead of all transparent.

  12. designboise

    Looks aaaamazing! Plan on looking into it tomorrow. Looks to be a super powerful tool for workflow

  13. realthing

    Great bundle man…and it started really good!!

  14. yaQom

    how is it used? I need it in After Effects. Is it installed, or how can I use the transitions?

  15. LauroSousa

    Hi, already bought. Where is the audio file of the after effects project ???

  16. AntoniaCambanis

    This is such a wonderful preview. It makes your work exciting! Well done!!!

  17. jgoaziou

    Hi, I’m trying to use the transitions in FCPX. I put all the files in motion template/transitions but when I open FCPX, I can’t find them in the transition section. Can you help ?

  18. Audiosystem

    Very cool work. Excellent video sync with sound

  19. QinMD

    Does this work with CS4? Will it work for transitions between photos?

  20. alivestone

    I like this transitions! Good job!

  21. Premiumilk

    Bravo boy! Huge package!! Well done!! GLWTS!

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