Create beautiful simple infographics easily and quickly with this complete bundle for After Effects CS6 and higher. Easily customizable, fully supported.

​Infographics for Any Project​

Got data? Stacks of data? Or maybe you have a lot of content that needs creative to catch the eye and snap an audience to attention. An infographic is the answer.

A super slick video, fully animated & expression controlled infographics is the solution!

​What can you do with it?​

Take a traditional amount of company information or large volume of data and transform it into a fully animated beautiful yet simple infographic. Insert it into your company presentation, layer it in your video infomercial, talk about data and statistics in a whole new way.

Infographic Maker Infographic Maker

​Can I customize it?​

Of course! Infographics Maker for After Effects has been carefully crafted with all types of users experience in mind. With a full Expressions control panel available you can very simply update color, holding times, opacity, size and of course, data values with just a few clicks.

Infographic MakerInfographic Maker

Infographic Maker

​Do I need experience with After Effects for a Professional result?​

It’s always useful to know your way around the timeline and the tools with After Effects but even a beginner can achieve outstanding professional results with our Simple Infographics bundle. In addition, the item includes step by step video tutorial, how to customize premade infographics.

Everything you need is included to get and running fast.

Infographic Maker

So, ​what is included?​

All kinds of charts! Just about every kind of chart you can think of for displaying complex amounts of data in an interesting way has been included.

● Pie Charts (Up to 7 Values) Switch off unnecessary pie slices with checkbox control.

● Circle Charts Contains two versions of animation and placeholders.

● Horizontal Charts (Up to 7 lines) Customize the width, distance between bars and amount of bars.

● Vertical Charts (Up to 12 lines) Customize the width, height, distance between bars and amount of bars.

● Graphs (Up to 31 lines) Customize the amount of dots and distance between bars.

● Comparison Graphs (Up to 12 lines or 24 bars) Customize the width, height, distance between bars and amount of bars.

● Filled Line Graph

● Maps with Pins (Up to 10 pins) Switch off unnecessary pins using checkboxes. Customize opacity and color of states or provinces.

● Negative Value Chart (Up to 12 lines or 24 bars) Customize the width, height, distance between bars and amount of bars.

● Mountain Bar Graph (Up to 7 Values)

● Call Outs Each Call Out has two ready tracking points and Auto Adjustment Call Out Line.

● Text Blocks

● Lower Thirds

● Social Media Icons Package

​What resolutions are supported?​

All of today’s modern resolutions are supported to suit your project including HD, Full HD, 2K and yep, even full 4K resolution!


● Drag & Drop Friendly

● Well Organized Modular Project

● Easy duration control (In & Out Marks Control)

● Full expression control

● Easily customizable

● All made with shapes – very easy to adjust sizes

● No Plugins required

● Free font link included

● Universalized (Worked for any Language)

● Up to 4K resolution (3840×2160)

● Works with After Effects CS6 and higher, mac and windows compatibility

● Alpha Channel

​Support if I get stuck too?​

Ah-huh! If you get stuck and can’t figure something out, we will always be available to help you answer the sticky bits. No problem, and no extra charge. Please, contact me via email: [email protected]

​Update Log

Update 2.0

Now the Infographic Maker works with decimal numbers as great as with integers.

Infographic Maker Infographic Maker

Music in not included, but you can find it here: The Beauty of Technology

Photos from the preview are not included.


  1. jtio

    How easy is it to adjust these so they can be used in vertical marketing like Instagram or Snapchat Stories?

  2. scienceofsin

    Hi! I see in your bar graphs options to change distance and size of bars, but for your line graph with vertical bars I don’t see that option. Please help!

  3. Symaxius1

    Hi, how easy is this for me to customise? For instance, can I make only a part of a circle visible? Thank you – it does look awesome!

  4. DFGmotion

    Great work,
    Very appropriate for showing statistics.

  5. byDimas

    Fantastic work buddy! very useful Congratulations my friend!

  6. rmszymanski726

    Great bundle of about everything you would need!

  7. Procam01

    Sorry, but i can’t find the background image which I thought we’d paid for?

  8. Marqzen

    Hi there. I bought your simple inforgraphics package, but this seems even easier to use.

  9. Wayman

    Looks nice and stylish! Well done!

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