If the items does not work, please make sure the following conditions: Please make sure you have the AE plugin-”Element 3D” and can be run correctly. Please make sure that the version of “Element 3D”: V2.2.2 Please refer to the “video tutorial 1” copy file to the specified location. Please Close the After Effects and then opened by using After Effects Description:

1920×1080 Full HD,(Resizable) High quality 3D models/2K resolution texture map 4 newscaster placeholders,(to which more numbers can be added) 10 virtual screens, 10 text and logo holders 270°panoramic Virtual studio High quality 3D models/2K resolution texture map Real-time preview/faster render 3 different hosts can appear at the same time 6 different backgroud videos can be shown at the same time The camera animation can be customized in After Effects 10 camera Large background easy to control

Video tutorials: 1.Copy Model And Maps 2.Change The Announcer 3.Change Backgruond 4.Change The LED Video 5.Change The Titel text 6.Change The Camera 7.Change The Composition 8. change Color

After Effects CS6 Element 3D v2.2.2 The announcer, videos and music from the preview are not included,


  1. BrkArtDesign

    Very nice project, good sale wish

  2. VideoSalt

    Cool work!!! wish you all the very best!!!

  3. shumatar

    Perfectly! I don’t know how to do that
    But I can do music

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