25 Vintage Film Burns you can use in your own video’s. They are all 720p HD Ready in 25fps and ready to use. U can import them in any editing & compositing software program on the market. All of the footage are different in length.

Use them directly on your footage. Set the composite mode to overlay or screen set the right opacity by taste and you will get that vintage look on your video! You can also use them as a transition between two video’s to create these smooth transitions.

Have fun!


  1. stemm

    I see the potential here. I’m buying.

  2. Poizenbox

    Good comment! I will put some example footage behind it

  3. Poizenbox

    Great to hear stemm! If you have questions, you can always pm me

  4. TimMcMorris

    It would be good if maybe next time you could show some example footage as well – interacting with the burns. It looks like nice work but I can’ tell if it’s what I need for sure from just looking at the burn alone.

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