a bunch of files with different real filmed particles to use them in your projects. Nothing is computer-generated with any kind of plugin or something in here!

As it is a lot of stuff i had to split it into 4 parts with about 500mb each. In every part there are several files with a lot different situations of particles flying around, falling down, flowing…

To find the right particles for your needs you get the most flexibility with all 4 parts, as there are more different situations of course. If you want to try/play around to see what you can do with it, you can of course also start with buying one part and – when you see how powerful it is – buy the others later on Dancing Particles - Part 2
              (Stock Footage)

This is part 2. included: 6 files, 0:12 / 0:28 / 0:42 / 0:14 / 0:57 / 1:31

4K / UHD compatible: As the material is out of focus anyway, it can also be perfectly used over 4K / UHD footage!


  1. Lifeshaper

    Are you allowed to remake Andrew Kramers plugin?

  2. clagarce

    Is this Andrew Kramers stock footage?

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