Suhail Dawood Productions is proud to present another amazing set of Full HD 1920×1080 stock footage shot at 29.97 fps. This set includes a mega pack of clips, 10 in all of a drum kit being played. Use this professional footage in almost any video for great results! This set is the only Full HD stock of drums on Videohive! Each clip is 5 seconds long, which makes for 50 seconds of footage.
* Please Note that the Suhail Dawood Productions Stock Footage animation and the introduction animation is not included in the download
The background music is not included in the download, here are the details: The Edge Inside by monophonicspace at Audiojungle

Drum Kit - Mega Pack - Full HD Stock
              (Stock Footage)


  1. ciubecca

    same problem for me.
    Can’t use /play the file.
    Please Help Me

  2. Daggeris

    The video footage uses Apple’s Intermediate Codec which makes it completely unusable to windows systems. Can you make a version of the footage that uses a different format that is cross compatible? Right now I can’t use your footage as is because I use a PC.

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