2 Clips. Cinematic 4K. In agriculture, a field is an area of land, enclosed or otherwise, used for agricultural purposes such as cultivating crops or as a paddock or other enclosure for livestock. A field may also be an area left to lie fallow or as arable land. Aerial green brown fallow road way path large field giant huge flat brown agriculture farming cultivation growing husbandry tillage ground soil earth clay land plain plains lowland straight alluvium silt alluvion placer loam fertile fertility abundance blessing cornucopia richness plentifulness meadow coomb coombe humus topsoil fertilizer manure vast land endless area space domain tract theatre range pasture green blue white plowing farm bread seed sow big small endless infinite eternal unending limitless indefinite immense vast brown line arc limit sunny clean sky drone alluvial plains plain soils soil humus fertil fertile fallow plow work working farmer best beautiful 3840×2160 UHD 4K.

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