::Soft Clouds:: is an Adobe After effects cs project file.

No plug ins required (Optical Flares and Trapcode Particular is pre-rendered but additional file is included for those who have the plug in and want to modify it.)

HD resolution (720p)

Help file included. Audio : http://audiojungle.net/item/tight-distorted-house-track/91127

15 text placeholders and 7 media placeholders. please rate if you like it Soft Clouds

USES Promos, Movie Trailers, Commercials, Video Boards, presentations etc. Mix & Match Comps, Intros and elements to create dynamic graphics


You can download the clouds footage from here : http://bit.ly/yljuXW


  1. gwalter3

    I cannot find the cloud footage you claim is downloadable from another site. You need to include the cloud footage in the zipped file. PLEASE give the exact web address to download the cloud footage from and not a web address to that websites home page. I am VERY DISAPPOINTED in the lack of professionalism here. Next time please include everything for the project in the zipped file we download. Or list in the description that some files will have to be downloaded. We are a professional studio wanting to use your work and are having to put in more unneeded time just to find the soft cloud background.

  2. AndresAceves

    Please have some humanity, give me back my hard-earning money, I was tricked into buying it.

  3. visualecho

    VERY DISAPPOINTED ! the composition is nothing as shown in the preview, no clouds generated.

  4. AndresAceves

    An E-mail I just sent to Envato:

  5. Rafaeljlive

    * BEWARE *
    Clouds do not included in this project they are prerendered and uneditable footage!!!!
    Particular has only been used for the little sparkles effect!!!

  6. DrewE

    Was fairly disappointed with the clouds, a free download from another site. Was expecting some interesting/creative use of particular to generate the clouds.

  7. graphic4444

    beautiful cloud work on this, very nice!

  8. husong

    You seriously call this soft clouds and don’t include the clouds? Thanks for the link to the low rez file on some random site. You need to change the name of this or include HD cloud footage.

  9. AndresAceves

    You know the only reason people purchase this crappy file is because of the clouds, where are the clouds, I want my money back.

  10. itsbrandee

    Im having a very hard time downloading the cloud footage from the site. After I download it, it won’t import into after effects. Please advise

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