An elegant gallery of beautifully framed images slowly revealed in a warm, sun-drenched room. This project is suitable for all occasions, such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, family celebrations, graduations and so on. 4 unique templates are included for your desired occasion.

Special Events Photo Gallery Special Events Photo Gallery

Main Features

  • 1080p, 720p, 480p
  • 38 image placeholders, 2 text placeholders
  • Suitable for any occasion – 4 custom templates for different occasions
  • Includes video tutorial
  • No plugins required (except Cycore plugins bundled with After Effects)
  • 29.97 fps, 1min 32 secs
  • After Effects CS5 or higher

Music and images not included. Soundtrack can be purchased here

Special Events Photo Gallery


Special Events Photo Gallery Special Events Photo Gallery Special Events Photo Gallery Special Events Photo Gallery


  1. moveNshake

    ..great mood you created…interesting how just use of shadow and light color can suggest the time of day and mood..
    nice work!..

  2. chapinpaullin

    I am a beginner with a couple of questions. After going through the project uploading the audio and pictures I now would like to render the project. 1) How do you make sure the audio will render with the video and not by itself? 2) How do you render properly? I tried once and when I played it the audio hadn’t attached to it and the video play skipping (not due to my computer but due to the render). Skipping mean it just played slowed stopping almost every frame. 3) Does the audio fade at the end? I did the Audio Preview and it doesn’t. 4) Do you have a Rendering video tutorial?

  3. MrStormE

    EPIc and brought tears to my eyes! Buying!

  4. Hypha

    I didn’t have time to create my own and bought this to use for my wedding video in September. The wife and I were very happy with the final product. Keep them coming!

  5. dsnfanatic

    Goodjob, how long does it take to render?

  6. laulaukc

    Hi I downloaded this and tried to open the CS5 project file (my version of after effects) and it keeps popping up an error saying it can’t overwrite something in my Aftereffects library?

  7. joebloe

    Sorry to point this out, but there is a
    Corner Pin error on image 28 in Shot 8 precomp.
    Pretty easy to fix.

  8. mike1270

    How can I render it out? It just renders a small piece.

  9. rk_hazard_id

    I have a top of the line 2011 Macbook pro with 8 RAM & it took me 4 hours 30 mins to render out the CS6 prerendered flares version. Is that normal ? Thanks…

  10. chrishobson79

    Is it possible to embed video instead of stills in this template? If so, I’m all over it! Thanks in advance.

  11. PrezMedia

    Just purchased for our 10th anniversary and came out beautifully. Thanks a bunch, the wife will surely love this. Cheers!

  12. lizevanwyk

    Hi i would like to know…i use cyberlink powerdirector 12…would i be able to use these files in that programme?
    In what format are these files?
    thank you.

  13. KeyframeManager

    Impressive start, great attention to detail. Good luck and welcome to the hive!

  14. bluehatdesign

    THis template has sheen updated! The update addresses several comments about long render times. The project now renders up to 4 times as fast as previous version. If you purchased the project before October 16, pleasure re-download for free. Enjoy!

  15. tepas

    Congratulations, you have some great work! Wish you many sales

  16. jikey

    hi i just wonder the photo frames are 3d video or 3d from the AE?

  17. arsuro

    Superb! Will it work in CS4 ?

  18. YungHoffa

    Great work @bluehatdesign. I was wondering if you had a link, or any tutorials on faster render times?? I just recently upgraded to CS6 , and edit on a 2011 series iMac with a 2.7 ghz, 16gb ram, and a TB of memory. After finishing your tutorial, im looking at a 10hour render time for a 1080p product. Is that a normal time frame for my machinery in your opinion??

  19. javierobert

    Hi! It´s possible to change the timeline so I can match movements of the photos with another sound?

  20. editonepost

    Several months ago, I saw a project that was similar to the video link below. I can no longer locate it… Was it yours?

  21. shnelson

    This is a great piece! Is there any way I can remove the room objects at the end scene, ie: the wedding table

  22. nicolecurioni

    Forget it!!! I’ve solved the problem!!
    Thanks again!!

  23. bluehatdesign

    Hi there, thanks for purchasing. Long render time are unfortunately inevitable with this level of complex layering of effects, lens blurs and compositions. One thing you could check is the memory allocation in your preferences. Make sure a majority of your ram is allocated to after effects. Also, make sure it is set up to render multiple frames. This might speed things up a bit. I attempted to setup the project so it was simple and straightforward to add your text and images and just set to render overnight. In my machine, which has similar specs to yours, it rendered in approx 3-4 hours. If you have any issues with the render, please message me. Cheers

  24. Chipshot_Productions

    I LOVE this template, but I have over 90 photos for a wedding slideshow. Is there a way to add more photos?

  25. MsSte

    Hi! This is a wonderful project, thanks! I bought it, but the program gives me an error this project must be converted from version 10.0 (Macintosh 64) and will open as an untitled project (I have windows7) Help me please! (sorry for my bad english)

  26. joelsk

    Hi is there any way not to have the objects at the end it is the only thing stopping me from buying it at the moment. the rest of it is stunning! thanks J

  27. TraceFowler4

    I am having an issue with the display, Im sure it is something on my end perhaps. It looks like a rainbow colored tv screen and has “flares.jpg” in upper left hand corner of display screen. Any suggestions for help? Thanks a lot!

  28. PremiumTunes

    Great work Mark, really digging this. And for future previews, feel free to use some of my music

  29. Boo_Design

    I like it , you have inspired me for my new project, thanks

  30. FilippsMusicTeam

    Excellent work! I wish you many sales!

  31. dethfire

    Hi BHD! I’m having trouble with many of the “replace image” slots. Over half are blank. I double click one and it may show, double click another and it’s a blank screen. I don’t see any difference between them. Some just show and some don’t

  32. mariskeva

    hi, project looks great. I also have more than 38 images, can i just duplicate a section in order for me to add more images?

  33. andrenavarre

    Looks very elegant. Are the frames pre-rendered from a 3D program or could you change the camera angles?

  34. bluehatdesign

    This Template has been updated! For anyone purchasing the template before September 7, this update is free. Please re-download the project file. The update addresses some minor issues affecting some users.

  35. dreamtrain

    Have bought this and it’s a really nice piece of work.
    Have used it on my first project and was wondering if there was a way to smooth the transition between compositions as there is a really nice slow fade across the images then it skips quite suddenly to the next set.
    Can this be done easily?
    Many thanks

  36. danef

    i wanna buy this item the problem my information is 100 photos this proyect can duplicate the scene to modify

  37. chapinpaullin

    When I pulled up the Render Queue on the project it was full of many items that were either done or queued. Can I clear the Render Queue (Crtl A , Delete) or will screw everything up?

  38. joebloe

    Excellent work. If I could buy this twice, I would.
    A logically organized project that even the roughest novice can use,
    yet it employs advanced techniques beyond the reach of most users.

  39. qinghill

    this is sick! in a good way

  40. marsandle

    I really LOVE this template!! The only problem is I only have after affects cs3. Is there anyway it would be compatible? Thanks for your help!

  41. arsuro

    Oops.. I just read you previous comment regarding a future update for CS3 /4.. Any idea when will that be out? Thanks.

  42. Artem200800

    great job dude!wish you many sales

  43. nickredd

    Hi, is it possible to remove the small table and balloons champagne bottles etc from the final scene?

  44. FrancisXM

    Wow, what a beautiful project. I just bought it for a grade school graduation video project. Is there a way for me to edit and extend the number of pictures to 63?


    Hi im really confused when i open up the after effects file its just a black screen on AE i click the time line and none of the photo frames appear?

  46. mike36

    Thanks Mark, I would greatly appreciate it!

  47. nicolecurioni

    Hey there, lovely work! I just have a little problem. I’ve never used After effects so i am new on it. I could make everything works just fine, replaced all pictures, music and text. But i’ve tried to render the work.. and the video was really slowly and like some frames was like missing.. plus i make as you said to put the sound output but no music is playing.

  48. hoatbui

    this is the most amazing thing ive ever seen, amazing job to the creator(s). truly a wonderful piece of work and vehicle to enhance the emotions and sentimental value out of photos.

  49. juanmita

    Beautiful work bluehatdesign and welcome to envato! Congrats!


    Very nice work. Good luck. Romantic.

  51. gab01992

    Can use videos instead of photos?

  52. pinkzebra

    This is a really beautiful project. Nicely done!

  53. el3omda

    Hi after downloading this project this message show up to me
    ( this project contain 8 references to missing effects. please install the following effects to restore these references (“cc particale world”) )
    and i don’t know what i suppose to do

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