Football (Soccer) Broadcast Graphic Pack

This project is designed for fast and easy creating graphic elements for football matches broadcasting. Modern clean minimalistic look.

Easy to customise and paste your information.

No third-party plugins are needed.

Music is not included. You can find it here

Script-helper designed for this project is added

Fast and easy paste your data from CSV files.


  1. saenjibb

    Unable to execute script at line 8. null is not an object


    Hello. I am taking videos of ordinary people’s soccer game and uploading highlight parts of those videos after editing. When purchasing with extended license, can I put this video and upload on YouTube everytime? Will there be any issue regarding copyright? Should I buy it every time ? or once I buy it May I upload it every time?

  3. joonoh

    Hi! quick questions,
    1. if I want to schedule only 1/2 and final match, do I only need to leave the first 1/4 row blank?
    2. is there any possible way to change team names in schedule? If I change it, the logo picture changes to ”?”. Though I want to connect my team name and logo picture.
    3. if there any options to change the uniform of the team? cause uniforms and the team does not match. (ex; the uniform of tottenham uniform isn’t red and green, but AE shows like that
    Anyway, thank you for this amazing script! I really like it!!

  4. mujahidi2

    Hi, I have a full game of highlights. its a 7 V 7 and i find the spreadsheets cannot recognise the formations or line up so i do it manually. I cannot stretch the small score bars long enough for the game. They disapear after 10 seconds even after i increase the time in composition settings. Also when i manually update the scores at the correct time all of them change. for example at 10 mins in it should be 1-0 and then 28 mins in 2-0 and then 35 mins in 2-1 etc. But i cannot get it to reflect this.

  5. YaserEssam

    same problem
    Unable to execute script at line 8. null is not an object

  6. kevinvl96

    Hi great pack! I have a question though. Do you know how I can use this package in a live broadcasting programme like Vmix? So that I can edit the titles live during the broadcast.

  7. NoobVisions

    Hey Astronom. This work looks beautiful! Do you recon I could work with it, as an absolut beginner? I have used 2-3 simple projects from videohive until now (lower thirds), but I am still very green.

  8. Okidokii

    Hi, info_scores.csv + “scores + info” don’t work for me (comp score_bar-big_1). any idea to fix it ?

  9. Shmidt12

    Hi, do you have it only for AE? I´m searching for something like this but i use FCP X…

  10. myfutbollife2

    Unable to execute script at line 8. null is not an object?? You said above open project. I did open it still same. What you mean by open project? Maybe i am missing that part. First time on AE.

  11. xhogan89x

    Hi! i was looking at this project for a few days and i have a question for you before i buy it! is there a way to change the soccer fields backgrounds? or even better, just to make the overlay in alpha channel withouth any background? this is pretty much what i need to know before i buy it! thank you very much

  12. alexb4597

    Hi there, just purchased this and it’s fantastic. However I’m getting the unable to execute script at line 8. null is not an object. I’ve tried what you’ve said previously but no success. Also, in the notes you have left with the files, I can’t find the place where I can search for teams etc. Where do I locate this?

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