What better project than to showcase your outdoor activities and travels? It’s the perfect template for hiking, hunting, camping, biking, fishing… any outdoor activity you can think of! Great Outdoors is fully customizable and comes loaded with 25 placeholders for your video footage, images, artwork, etc.

Included with the project is a detailed video tutorial, which will help you with the customization process.

Broadcast Package Includes:

  • 1. Full Show Open/Intro Animation
  • 2. In & Out Bumper Animations
  • 3. Lower 3rd Graphic
  • 4. Video Transition Elements
  • 5. 2 Side Panel Graphics (Left & Right Side)
  • 6. Split Screen Graphic
  • 7. Video Overlay Element (Give video a grungy style)
  • 8. Loopable Background Graphic
  • 9. Credit Scroll Graphic

Other Project Highlights:

  • No Stress! The project comes with a video tutorial which helps guide you through the customization of the project
  • Works with After Effects CS3, CS4 and CS5
  • No 3rd-Party Plugins Needed
  • Any resolution! Comps are set up for HD 1080, HD 720 or SD 480 Widescreen
  • Music and stock footage is not included in the project. The soundtrack can be purchased here!

    Download the font Fette Egyptienne for free!


    Great Outdoors Broadcast Package

    We proudly offer support on all of our products, and do our best to respond to your inquiry within 24 business hours. Please use the links below to follow our social networks and be up to date on current support status. We’re located on the east coast of the United States (-5 GMT).

    Great Outdoors Broadcast Package Great Outdoors Broadcast Package


    Great Outdoors Broadcast PackageGreat Outdoors Broadcast PackageGreat Outdoors Broadcast PackageGreat Outdoors Broadcast PackageGreat Outdoors Broadcast PackageGreat Outdoors Broadcast Package


    1. fraser135

      Whoa! Very nice! Hey, if I buy can I change the names of the states in the background to something else?

    2. envatojames99

      I Just purchased your Great Outdoors Broadcast Package but I’m get this error when I try to upload it. – after effects error: file ‘graphpaper_02.gif’ cannot be imported – this ’.gif’ file is damaged or unsupported. and iv’e tried several times already.

    3. jsunww

      Love the project, Thanks! One question. How do I change the color of the frames around each video?

    4. LG_Xenith

      Are the states on the moving background customizable? I wanted to ask before purchasing.

    5. Final_Step

      Great one, I love it !

      Good job mate !

      Wish you all the best !

    6. jasonacraig

      I’ve been getting a lot of glitching in the video output. It doesn’t happen with other projects. I even own other Motion Revolver templates and it doesn’t happen. Any clue what it might be?

    7. fromtheblind

      At 53 Seconds could that be changed to show our logo? Same question for the transition at 1:06?

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